The Biology of Aging: 

Advances in Therapeutic Approaches to Extend Healthspan

January 22-25, 2017 - Jupiter Florida

We invite you to attend the 2nd Scripps Florida Symposium on Biology of Aging in which leaders in the field will discuss strategies for identifying mechanisms of aging and developing therapeutics to extend healthspan.

Session topics to include Drug Screening, Anti-geronic Factors, Senotherapeutics, Genetic Identificaiton of Drug Targets, Molecular Targets for Drug Development, Stem Cells and Clinical Trials.

Keynote speakers
Felipe Sierra, Director of the Division of Aging Biology (NIA)
S. Jay Olshansky, University of Illinois at Chicago
Steven Austad, University of Alabama - Birmingham
Speakers include Nir Barzilai (Einstein), Anne Brunet (Stanford), Rafael de Cabo (NIA), Judy Campisi (Buck Institute), Ana Maria Cuervo (Einstein), Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus), Brian Kennedy (Buck Institute), James Kirkland (Mayo Clinic), Richard Miller (Michigan), Laura Niedernhofer (TSRI), David Sabatini (MIT), Felipe Sierra (NIA), David Sinclair (Harvard) and Amy Wagers (Harvard)

Thank you to our sponsors:

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